California Expert Personally Identifiable Information Request Form

Monocl collects and analyzes publicly available data relating to medical, scientific, and healthcare professionals and academics (“Experts”), which is made available to Monocl’s enterprise customers in the life sciences industry in order to help such customers easily find relevant research content and resources, identify and engage with Experts, and develop meaningful collaborations across all therapeutic areas and regions in the pursuit of improving healthcare and patient outcomes. It is our hope and belief that Monocl provides opportunities for Experts and life sciences institutions and enterprises to connect and engage globally.

If you are an Expert who is a California resident and you have a California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”)-related inquiry regarding your personally identifiable information that may held by Monocl in its database, please continue to the request form below. If you are not an Expert and you have a CCPA-related inquiry regarding your personally identifiable information held by Monocl, please click here for the General Form. For general information about our privacy practices with respect to Experts, please see our Expert Privacy Policy.

Note: If you are unable or prefer not to submit your CCPA request online, if you have questions pertaining to Monocl’s privacy practices that are not related to the CCPA, or if you have questions completing or submitting this California Expert Personally Identifiable Information Request Form, you can contact us: by email at; by postal mail or courier at: Monocl AB, Attn: Data Protection Officer, Redegatan 1B, 426 77, Västra Frölunda, Sweden; or by telephone at 888-211-9007.

At this time, we are only processing requests where required by applicable law and the purpose of this form is limited to inquiries pertaining to CCPA rights of Experts.

Under certain circumstances, you may request through this form that Monocl take specific action regarding your personally identifiable information, for example:

You can also use this form to request that Monocl consider including you in our database and to opt in and consent to the sale of your personally identifiable information as described in our Expert Privacy Policy.

Once you submit the form below, we will be in touch with you to verify your identity. If you are an agent submitting a request on behalf of another individual, we will also need to verify your authority to make the request. If we cannot verify your identity or authority, we may deny your request.